Richard Munson
Richard Munson
Sep 15

Did Tesla Have a Connection to Trump?

Oddly enough, yes. After Tesla died, the FBI was concerned that he had developed and crafted designs for a death beam that could wipe out armies and aircraft – something in 1942 American authorities did not really want to fall into the hands of our adversaries.

So the government impounded all of Tesla’s papers and belongings, and officers even searched the various hotels where Tesla had resided.

The War Policies Unit of the Department of Justice ruled that the inventor’s papers needed to be scrutinized by military experts. To evaluate the sensitivity of Tesla’s writings, they hired the director of MIT’s High Voltage Research Laboratory, who, in the presence of agents of the FBI and Naval Intelligence, spent three days reviewing Tesla’s various boxes and trunks. The professor asked that one of Tesla’s papers be classified top secret, which prompted scores of conspiracy theories, but basically he concluded that the Tesla papers contained nothing of value for the war effort.

This esteemed professor received the National Medal of Science, was elected to the National Academy of Engineering, and was the uncle of the 45th president of the United States. While campaigning, Donald Trump said of his relative: “I had an uncle went to MIT who is a top professor. Dr. John Trump. A genius. It’s in my blood. I’m smart. Great marks. Like really smart.”

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