Tesla: Inventor of the Modern Reviews

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Praise for Tesla: Inventor of the Modern

“Penetrating biography. … Munson makes vivid the genius’s eventful life. Munson makes vivid the genius’s eventful life, from his mother’s inspirational labour-saving inventions to his psychological complexity — and his estimable belief that 'technology should transcend the marketplace.'”

“Brisk, entertaining….thoroughly researched….[a] generous, penetrating portrait.”
The Washington Independent Review of Books

“Munson capably describes Tesla as a man before his time, often misunderstood because few shared his imagination and insight. Entrepreneurs, inventors, engineers, and futurists will find this biography inspiring.”
Library Journal

“Rich in historical and personal detail, Tesla tells the extraordinary story of the eccentric and enigmatic inventor whose genius transformed the global power industry.”
Shelf Awareness (Starred Review)

“Celebratory, comprehensive profile. ….A well-written, insightful addition to the legacy of this still-underappreciated visionary genius.”

“A lucid, expertly researched biography of the brilliant Nikola Tesla. (Readers) will absolutely enjoy (Munson’s) sympathetic, insightful portrait.”
Kirkus (Starred Review)

“Superbly researched, entertaining; … electric, insightful, revelatory. It can only be hoped that Munson's excellent insight will finally reveal the truth behind this marvelous maverick to the world.”
All About History

“Tesla’s life was rich in fascinating incident and characters – and, above all, spectacle. … Munson tells the story engagingly. He manages to explain the important concepts and technical details clearly while keeping extraneous detail to a minimum.”
—Times (London) Literary Supplement (TLS)

“A most interesting and often amusing book. … Gives us a detailed and vivid glimpse of the competitive world of electrical innovation at the end of the 19th century”
The Spectator (UK)

“Clear, authoritative, and highly readable biography takes account of all phases of Tesla's remarkable life.”
—Bookshop Santa Cruz (Staff Pick)

“This book gives Tesla his proper due and provides insight into his genius and life.”
—Everett Herald