Richard Munson
Richard Munson
Sep 13

What Made Tesla Brilliantly Different?

No doubt Tesla was naturally bright – he learned eight languages and could recite lengthy poems and stories.

He also possessed rather remarkable hearing and sight; he boasted that he could “discern objects in the distance when others saw no trace of them.”

His early experiences, however, focused his attentions – to obtain his father’s appreciation, for example, he developed a willpower and forced himself to imagine designs in his head.

Those early struggles also created what even Tesla admitted were quirks. He experienced visions, for instance, that caused him not to know what was real or not. He simply saw the world differently, and, as a result, I would suggest he envisioned the future differently. He even credited those vision with allowing him to vividly see and manipulate inventions in his head.

Tesla: Inventor of the Modern